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 "Scarry Wars" is a pop culture mashup of two of my favorite things in the world, the art of Richard Scarry and the Star Wars universe. Many of us learned to read by pointing at simple words next to adorable drawings in some of the busiest books ever. My first memory of reading alone was in my grandma's library full of oceanography books, stamp collection albums, vintage Life magazines, and this one special over-sized book about the people of the world, Richard Scarry's Busy, Busy World. 

 In honor of the amazing art of Scarry, I created each illustration as best as I could following his process of tracing paper sketches, final vellum drawings, blue lines on illustration board, gouache paint and one color at a time finishing. 

 Each illustration is now available as an 11x14 signed/numbered print edition of 250. With every print comes a free sticker sheet featuring some of my favorite characters. 

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