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License my art

 I create art all day every day and sometimes I even recruit my buddy Chad AKA BigBot or other friends. 

All kinds of themes and styles are available. My designs and illustrations have been licensed by Dayspring for Walmart back to school products like notebooks, journals, and folders. As well as many other companies.

My art will help you reach unique demographics with your products and maybe even open doors to new opportunities in the marketplace. You will always receive print-ready art for your project.

Royalties : 

There are a few common options. 

1. advance payment ($1,000) + 8% royalties

2. advance payment ($5,000) + 5% royalties

3. no advance, 12% royalties: includes all marketing design & strategy 

4. no advance 22 % royalties/commission: includes marketing & sales

Want to Own the Design?

In the long run, this may be a cheaper way, but there is more risk on your end. 

Commission new art for your project on a per design basis. 

$400 per logo (or simple t-shirt or sticker) / $600 per digital illustration / $750 per 8x10 watercolor original /

$300 Illustrated books per page (min 12 pages) / $300 character design study

I am always working on something new, so check back in once in a while 

- Jayme Brandt

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